Did you know?

Once a person becomes obese, the body undergoes certain metabolic changes and becomes “programmed” to create and store more fat.

The Science


It is an important time to be developing new medical options to treat metabolic diseases.

ZGN-1061 is a fumagillin-class, injectable small molecule second generation MetAP2 inhibitor that was discovered by Zafgen's researchers and has been shown to have an improved profile relative to previous inhibitors in the class, like other MetAP2 inhibitors that have shown promise in the treatment of metabolic diseases.  MetAP2 inhibitors work by re-establishing balance to the ways the body packages and metabolizes fat and by improving control of blood glucose. ZGN-1061 modulates the activity of key cellular processes that control the body's ability to make and store fat, and utilize fat and glucose as an energy source. ZGN-1061 is also anticipated to help reduce hunger and restore balance to fat metabolism, enabling calories to once again be used as a productive energy source, leading to weight loss and improved metabolic control. ZGN-1061 has an emerging safety profile and dosage form that are believed to be appropriate for the treatment of metabolic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and obesity.

ZGN-1061 is in Phase 2 clinical trials, designed to characterize and confirm its pharmacokinetic profile and will evaluate safety, tolerability, and weight loss efficacy over four weeks of treatment. 

ZGN-1061 is wholly-owned by Zafgen.