About Us


is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to significantly improving the health and well-being of patients affected metabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes and obesity.

We are developing novel therapies that demonstrate a unique mechanism of action, re-establishing balance to the ways the body produces and uses fat stored in adipose tissue and restoring control of blood glucose levels.

We are a well-capitalized publicly traded company with unrivaled in-house category expertise and best-in-class external partners.

We are committed to providing new treatment options for people with serious metabolic diseases, who are among the most medically underserved populations worldwide.

Zafgen is a well-capitalized publicly traded company bringing together leading experts in metabolic disease.  We are committed to advancing medicines treating the underlying biological mechanisms that create and sustain metabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes and obesity. We aspire to increase the overall health and quality of life for patients and to dispel the stigma that these diseases are “lifestyle choices,” and not valid diseases.

Founded in 2005 and located in Boston, MA, our management team has best-in-class experience in the field of metabolic disease and the function of MetAP2 inhibitors. We are advancing novel therapeutics for patients suffering from metabolic diseases, and related disorders, and are building for the long-term with highly regarded and experienced professionals on our team.